This self-locking lever raises the sound of the semitone by shortening the string and therefore allowing to have a sharp. It is conceived of a composite material that ensures the connection between the different elements constituting the kinematics.

Though very light this material is robust for it is the one to make bike helmets.

only the stainless steel and brass parts handle as well the tension due to the pinching of the string. When the string is pinched simultaneously by the top and bottom of the lever.

However, the string doesn't scrub the string, and therefore it can't be damaged. All parts are finely smoothed, which ensures very steady and quiet operation. The lightness of this lever is remarkable and does not disturb the musical and physical balance of the instrument when it is installed in numbers.


You can start now by providing  your "String - chart" indicating

- The type of string in term of number

- The diameter

- The vibrant length


There is no friction on the strings whatsoever  no matter the type of material of the strings : Mono - metallic filament, Wire - metallic, Nylon, Hose, Carbon

Each of them has a linear rise and descent when the strings are pinched, which preserves  and avoids them to break, especially the spun ropes which are very fragile.

For koras, only one model is enough : the treble which conjugates in right and left.

For harps, there are four models : Bass, Medium, Acute and hyperacute, depending on the size and material of the strings used.

- The hyperacute alters in double contact even very short cords.

- This double - contact keeps the quality of the sound.

- They are adjustable regarding their hardness or flexibility.

- They do not vibrate to the touch.

- Their lightness is an asset for the sound :

- Hyperacute : 3 g

- Acute : 4 g

- Medium : 6 g

- Low : 8 g

All peaces are made of stainless steel; the composite material serves only as a support for all these working parts.


The concept of the composite llever is mostly about using a much lighter material. For both koras and harps, the benefit lies in the weight and the sound. It is now assured after life-size tests, that the lightness of the lever favors, and even improves, the sound quality of the kora, as well as of the harp

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levier composite
levier composite